My name is Anna Ponomarenko and I’m healing seascape artist from Ukraine.

I love the mix of art and mental health themes. I have found the sea to be a great distraction and stress reliever. This is how begin my Horizon series of healing seascapes paintings.

Each seascape is unique, just like our mood shades! Every time when I create a new seascape, I got a whole range of emotions in each painting. These were emotions and moods that could be conveyed through art.

I chose the theme of water because this element is an amazing symbiosis of freedom, mood, and inner state. I focus on mental health because this topic is closest and most relevant to me.

12 years of design development taking into account the constantly changing trends in the IT sector, the severe restrictions associated with the Coronavirus in the world, and the war in my country have raised the question of internal balance and the ability to be yourself is finally acute! All these events have become a reference point and a window to myself.


My work has already become loved in different places of the world, such as
USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Portugal, Germany, Korea, Australia, and Ukraine.


  • 2021 Special Merit Award in “Nature” Art Exhibition by Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery (USA)
  • 2021 2nd place in Painting nomination by Golden Time Talent (UK)

Solo Exhibitions

  • 2021 Solo exhibition “Cloud Sky” (Kyiv, Ukraine)
  • 2022 Solo exhibition “Cloud Sky” in Hanbell Gallery (USA)


  • 2022 Online RAW Journal of Arts, Issue VIII
  • 2022 Polish magazine of Literature & the Arts POST SCRIPTUM, Special Issue

Group Exhibitions

  • 2022 “exHibition” at the IMPREINT Space (London, UK)
  • 2022 “Still in Ukraine?” by APIS Institute with ZRC SAZU (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
  • 2022 “YELLOW BLUE“ at 118 Art Gallery (USA)
  • 2022 “This Moment On Earth” by Wilsonville Arts & Culture Council’s (USA)
  • 2022 “Broken Mirrors” at the Milostka Center for Exhibitions of Culturally Arts Collective (USA)
  • 2022 Venice Biennale, Tana Art Space (Venice, Italy)
  • 2022 “I HeART Connections” Community Art Show by Art Therapy Institute of NC (Carrboro, USA)
  • 2022 ARTBOX.PROJECT World 2.0, Urbanside Gallery (Zurich, Switzerland)
  • 2021 Group exhibition “Khudozhnya maysternya” (Kyiv, Ukraine)
  • 2021 “Nature” Art Exhibition by Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery (USA)
  • 2021 “All Water/Seascape” Art Competition by Contemporary Art Gallery Online (USA)

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