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“This Moment on Earth” group Art Exhibition (USA), 2022

by Anna Ponomarenko
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“This Moment on Earth” by Wilsonville Arts & Culture – WACC is group exhibition of visual works that raise awareness about issues facing society and the planet in 2022.
For participation in this exhibition, I chose some of the first works that I was able to draw during the war. These are works from the “Motherland” collection. It’s about Spirit of Ukraine who take care for everyone.


“Two Hearts“
This is a painting of love and kindness, which conquers all adversity, gives wings, and gives hope. Probably, the love between a mother and a child is one of the brightest feelings that exist on earth. The child is like a continuation of the mother, as a part of her soul and her heart.

“Safe sky“
About the safe magical sky. Painting of a young woman flying on a paper plane in the company of two birds.

“Night Spirit“
A painting about a calm and magical night. About a peaceful sleep that protects the spirit of the night.

You can visit the virtual exhibition here:

Organizer: Wilsonville Arts & Culture Council

About “This Moment on Earth” group Art Exhibition:
The world can feel like an overwhelming place at times. Art can be an outlet, it can be a mirror, it can reinterpret the past, and it can envision the future. What can art do for you in this moment?

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